Bruce Horowitz

Bruce has been the Executive Chef of the world’s largest raw food event ever: The Raw Spirit Festival, for both 2007 and 2008 in Sedona Arizona!!!

Bruce’s Raw Story
In 1998, Bruce walked into RAW, Juliano’s one-of-a-kind live-food restaurant in San Francisco. Sensing his destiny, Bruce volunteered every day for a month, and finally got his big break when the dishwasher didn’t show up one night. Six months later, he had worked his way up to head chef! After the restaurant closed its doors in July 2000, Bruce took his knives over to O2, an oxygen and elixir bar, whose opening he had catered earlier that year. Later that summer, the managers of Michael Franti’s band, Spearhead, called asking if Bruce wanted to vend raw food in the park at their protest concert, Power to the Peaceful. Huge lines of people devouring nori wraps as fast as he could roll them inspired Bruce to take his show on the road! Thus ensued five summers of feeding festival-goers at west coast festivals out of his booth, the Sun Kitchen.

Sustainable Cuisine
Meanwhile Bruce dedicated his winters to studying the connection between raw foodism and sustainable living. In 2003, Bruce received a master’s degree in ecology from New College of California, handing in a thesis entitled: The Raw Revolution: Saving the Planet (and Ourselves) One Bite at a Time. Since then he has received certifications as a Permaculture designer and teacher. Fusing the two interests, Bruce has recently launched RIPE (The Raw Institute of Permaculture Education), an organization dedicated to teaching sustainable living skills and cuisine. Visit for information on RIPE retreats, workshops and permaculture design services.

Culinary Artistry
Bruce continues to lovingly prepare live-food as a caterer to very special events: movie premieres, weddings, graduations, etc. and retreats for Sunfood Nutrition, Journeys for the Soul, the OHM Foundation and other successful organizations.

 As a consultant, Bruce specializes in product development, recipe, menu and meal planning, business plan review and implementation, and systems design. He conducts group and individual in-home chef trainings and teaches classes at centers around the world.

Bruce’s is also renowned for his wild jungle peanut butter cups and other raw chocolate creations, and is the author of the yummiest live-food recipe book on the market, The Sun Kitchen Un-Cookbook.

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